On August 26, 2020 the ECCA hosted a webinar to learn about the valuable business benefits available to help Self-Employed Professionals & Independent Contractors through these trying times! Our speaker Peter Young, Senior Healthcare Consultant from Paramount Preferred Solutions, helps fit together the puzzle pieces by explaining how BWC insurance can provide a valuable business benefits solution, save time and money, and control your business risk.

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What resources are available from the U.S. Small Business Administration during the Pandemic? Listen to this webinar recorded on July 28, 2020 as SBA representative Raymond Graves provides guidance and answers questions about how to get funding for your business during this time.

• Is it still possible to get a loan for business expansion?
• What special preparations should small businesses take, prior to applying for a loan?
• What special incentives are available from SBA now?
• Where can a business owner turn for help and guidance?


The Eastern Cuyahoga Chamber Alliance (ECCA) was strategically formed in 2019 to leverage the leadership and member strength of adjacent Chambers of Commerce located on the eastern side of Cuyahoga County, Ohio. Watch us as we collaborate, innovate and grow chamber membership value.

If you think chambers aren’t relevant today, think again! Watch as 6 business people from 6 local NEO chambers talk about their unique needs and the solutions they found in a chamber of commerce membership. 


You’ll find exceptional value and benefits in any of our Chambers of Commerce. Contact any chamber below to inquire about memberships.

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